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‘When the power of God is present, healing, blessing, deliverance and salvation are like breathing.’T.B. Joshua.

There is a sovereign power in the name Jesus Christ that cannot be imitated or faked. No matter what situation you are facing, our prayer warriors are ready to stand steadfastly in faith with you over your need 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know that there is no other name by which diseased bodies can be cured and there is no other name by which sinful souls can be saved.

As you submit your prayer request or pray with our prayer warriors over the phone, your case will not escape the anointing of God. Believe that God is busy working out the answer, in Jesus Christ’s name.





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As you prepare yourself to receive, consider the petition of the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15:21-28. Her petition was simple and clear, “Lord, Son of David – have mercy on me!” She did not limit Jesus, but simply pleaded for mercy – knowing how undeserving she was. Remember, her daughter was in need of deliverance from the demon that tormented her – but she did not limit Jesus to that particular need.

If we know how undeserving we are, we would not come into His presence only to ask for healing, blessing, prosperity and the like. When we know how undeserving we are, we would come into His presence only to give Him thanks for His mercy and grace over our lives.

When we pray – we should not limit God to certain answers. Let your prayer be of thanks, not only for what He has done but also for what He is able to do. He is able to do more than we could ever dream!

Therefore, don’t allow the situation you are in to dictate the direction of your prayer – leave all for God and let Him glorify His Name. Simply ask for His mercy and forgiveness in humility and broken heartedness, because that is all you need! His mercy is enough for us because His mercy is unlimited. His favour is enough, because His favour is unlimited.

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